Today’s business people live in an over

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Today’s business people live in an over communicated world. There are too many Web sites, too many reports, too many bits of information 1 for their attention. The successful ones are forced to become deft machete wielders in this jungle to 2 . They ruthlessly cut 3 all the extraneous data that are encroaching them. They 4 through their tasks so they can cover as mush 5 as possible answering dozens of e-mails at a sitting and scrolling past dozens more. 6 the main scarcity in their life is not money, it’s time. They guard every 7 second the way a desert wanderer 8 his water. The problem 9 all this speed and the frantic energy that is spent using time efficiently is that it 10 creativity. After all creativity that 11 while you’re doing some-thing else: When you're in the shower your brain has time to noodle about and 12 the odd connections that lead to new ideas. But if your brain is always multitasking, or responding to techno prompts, there is on time or energy for undirected 13 play Furthermore if you are consumed by the same information loop 14 around everyone else you don't have anything to stimulate you 15 thinking differently. You don’t have time to read the history book or the science book that may actually 16 you to see your own business in a new 17 . You don't have access to unexpected knowledge. You’re just 18 along in the same narrow current as everyone else which is swift but not deep. A placebo machine—a little gadget with voice 19 and everything will help Wireless people to log 20 and it will tell them they have no messages. They’ll be able to experience life instead of information. They'll be able to reflect instead of react
1.______ A.bidding B.demanding C.requesting D.asking
前文提到有too many Web sites, too many reports, too many bits of information,因此bid“争取”最合适,表示“这些信息都争相获取他们的注意力”。demand“要求”。request“请求”。ask“请求,要求”。
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