Most London colleges have a library, wit

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Most London colleges have a library, with a full-time librarian who will be able to give students information on the facilities available for consulting or borrowing books. 1 the Public Libraries give a valuable service to students 2 colleges, evening classes or working 3 . Public Libraries are maintained by the City Corporation and the various London Borough Councils. They will be helpful to students who wish to 4 their studies by using the comprehensive library 5 available in the metropolitan area. These libraries have over five million books in 6 , the majority of which are for loan, and there is a system of inter- availability of 7 tickets which extends 8 the metropolitan area. Reference departments are provided for the use of those who wish to 9books and periodicals on library 10 , or heavy publications such as encyclopedias which cannot be taken out 11 . Public library stocks are of a general nature, 12 all subjects, many of them to higher degree standard or 13 . In addition, each public library in the metropolitan area 14 in a group of inter-related subjects and, through the cooperation between various libraries, their ?combined 15 are made generally available 16 , through the inter-lending system of the British Library(Lending division),it is usually possible for books not available in London public libraries 17 from specialist libraries. Music 18 , for example,include miniature scores and 19 records. Full details of these various services can be obtained from the Central Library in each area. Addresses and telephone numbers are fisted in the London telephone ? 20 .
1.______ A.But B.In addition C.Of course D.As
这里是针对前文的进一步说明,指出公共图书馆所提供的另一项服务。因此用In addition。
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